Hello! As I watch the downturn in our economy taking place, I feel a lot of concern for how we need to manage our food budgets.
With my first eBook, I would like to teach you how to eat well, save money and have less stress all at the same time.

 Living Large On a Lean Food Budget

Become empowered by knowing you have control over providing
healthy home-cooked meals on a Lean Food Budget.

What’s in the eBook?
* Strategies for eating well while
saving money
* 30 Day menu plan
* 50 Recipes with photos
* Master grocery list for your plan
* Cooking & freezing instructions

Full Chapter List

Chapter One:                                                                      Chapter Five:
Planning Your Strategies                                                 Complimentary Or Two-Way Meals
Chapter Two:                                                                      Cook Once, Eat For A Month
Developing A Monthly Menu Plan                                   Reviving Leftovers
Chapter Three:                                                                    Chapter Six:
Make A Grocery List                                                          30 Day Plus Menu Plan
Go Shopping                                                                      Recipes With Photos
On Your Return                                                                  (freezing & re-heating instructions)
Chapter Four:                                                                      Master Grocery List
Cooking Day                                                                      ‘Before You Cook’ Instructions
Freezing Options                                                               Cooking Day Instructions






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  1. Growing up and living most of my life on farms; having a large vegetable garden was a ‘must’. Being able to raise poultry, cattle and hogs meant very few things needed to be purchased from a store. Consequently I found myself in a quandary of what to buy and how much, when I no longer had access to those ‘home grown foods’, and my family and income had shrunk. By using the SHOPPING LIST and following the GUIDELINES for food preparation and storage, cooking and baking in a ‘thoughtful manner’; I am able to buy good food products, use them in a timely manner and stay within my limited budget. FOOD WASTE is not an option or a problem.

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