Hello there. Thanks for being here.

I grew up in a rural farming community in southern Alberta, Canada. After high school, I studied commercial cooking, going on to spend the next 35 years in the food service industry.

Food has always been what I gravitated to. Not so much the eating of it, but every other aspect of it. Whether it was recipe development, menu planning, cooking or just reading about it, I loved it all. More than anything is seeing that perfect look of satisfaction on someone’s face after tasting one of my creations — no compliments needed! I inherited my mother’s passion for working with food and often a smell or taste brings me back to her kitchen.

‘Good Food and Treasured Memories’ is not only the blog site name but is also the title of my first memorabilia/cookbook. It was published in 2014 with good success, in northern Alberta where my husband, Brion & I presently live.

With our country having entered a period of economic decline, I have written my first eBook titled ‘Living Large on a Lean Food Budget’. The guide outlines some strategies to help the reader to eat well, save money and have less stress doing it.

The Recipes you will find in my blog are from various sources but mostly from my mother’s hand written little file boxes or my own creations and experiments, trying to recreate the ‘taste of a memory’. If I post a recipe from a cookbook or online food service, I will recommend the book or link to the online source.

You will find the posts in my blog, for most part, are sharing a personal family story. The recipes included are from memories of that satisfying ‘comfort food’.

Commenting is the most important feedback and a way for me to know if you are enjoying these treasured memories. I appreciate all your comments and will try to respond within a reasonable time frame.

While I appreciate all feedback, I am irritated when the comments are insulting, rude or personal attacks. In that case, I will delete them without any kind of acknowledgement. Promotional comments and advertisements will also be deleted.

To recommend anything on my blog, I will have either tried it or am personally convinced it was worth mentioning to inform my readers.

I decided to run some ads on my blog to support some of the costs generated from it. I also link to websites I am an affiliate of, like Amazon.com for the same reason. If you follow those links you will be supporting this blog and I thank you for that, however small the percentage may be.

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I hope you have a great time browsing through my blog, enjoying my stories, reflections and the taste of a memory.

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